Losing Religion?

In an article similarly titled “Losing their religion: why students don’t attend church” by Peter Zou, it states that 44 percent of the United States population regularly attend church, and college students at an even lower rate (this study was done by the University of Michigan). 

A quote from this same article sums up the attitude behind this: 

“This is not to say that they are not religious, but it seems that the average student tends not to make time for church.”

Pastor Sam S. Rainer III co-authored his book Essential Church with his father and blogs for Outreach magazine. On his blog, he discusses research he has done about the young generation and their relationship with the Church. To see his blog, go here.

On his website, he discusses his findings, one of which is this:

“We’ve found that 70% of those that leave the church do so between the ages of 18 and 22.” 

However, later in this post, he says that going to college really has nothing to do with it:

“State universities and colleges are not to blame. No significant difference exists between the dropout rates of those who attend at least a year of college and those who do not. For those that attend college, 69% of active churchgoing youth stop attending church for at least a year between the ages of 18 and 22. Yet 71% of active youth who do not go to college stop attending church during the same period.”

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